Following function will split a circle in equidistant NumPoints, and return a position on the circle according to the index of the point (defined by PointId).

// Header
	 * @brief Returns a point on a circle with a given number of equidistant points.
	 * @param CenterLocation The center location of the circle.
	 * @param Radius The radius of the circle.
	 * @param NumPoints The number of equidistant points on the circle.
	 * @param PointId The index of the point to get on the circle.
	 * @return A vector representing the position of the point on the circle.
	static FVector PointOnCircle(FVector const& CenterLocation, float Radius, int NumPoints, int PointId);

// Body
FVector UL0GameplayLibrary::PointOnCircle(FVector const& CenterLocation, float Radius, int NumPoints, int PointId)
	const float AngleBetweenPoints = 360.0f / static_cast<float>(NumPoints);
	const float AngleForPoint = AngleBetweenPoints * static_cast<float>(PointId);
	const float X = FMath::Cos(FMath::DegreesToRadians(AngleForPoint)) * Radius;
	const float Y = FMath::Sin(FMath::DegreesToRadians(AngleForPoint)) * Radius;
	const FVector Point(X, Y, CenterLocation.Z);
	return CenterLocation + Point;


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