How to solve Invisible / very small mesh when importing a skeleton from Blender


If you model and rig your character in Blender and import it into Unreal Engine via FBX, you may notice that the mesh appears invisible or very small. In some cases, the mesh may initially appear fine, but disappear after applying an animation blueprint.

The mesh appears invisible, actually if you zoom-in it’s just very small.
Animation blueprint usually looks good


The issue is caused by the FFbxImporter in Unreal Engine, which skips a root node named “armature” (case-insensitive) when traversing the nodes. This is a workaround specific to Blender FBX exports because Blender exports armature hierarchy differently compared to other 3D modeling software.

More information can be found in the function FbxNode* FFbxImporter::GetRootSkeleton(FbxNode* Link).


The simplest solution is to rename your “armature” node to any other name, such as “root”.

F2 to rename the node from “Armature” to “Root” solve the issue.


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